Hayley Westenra

Hayley has the one and only pure voice. An angel falls to Japan.

When Hayley was six years old, her mother was approached by her teacher and told that Hayley was pitch-perfect and suggested that she take up a musical instrument to encourage her talents. So Hayley began violin lessons. It was the beginning of a relationship with music that's been the driving force in her life ever since.
In stark contrast to most children who have to be forced to practice, Hayley took every opportunity to perfect her talents - quickly adding piano, recorder, ballet, and jazz dance tuition to her violin lessons. While basking with her brother and sister, she recorded a demo album in 2000. The album soon captured the attention of a leading New Zealand concert promoter, and a deal with Universal Music New Zealand soon followed.
Hayley's self-titled debut recording for Universal New Zealand featured an acoustic mix of show music and classical pieces; it went straight in at No. 1 in the pop charts ( where it remained for four weeks), turned triple platinum and made Hayley the fastest-selling local artist in New Zealand's history.
After hearing her sing, New Zealand opera legend Dame Malvina Major offered to give Hayley lessons. For Hayley, Dame Malvina has become a mentor and muse. He says of Hayley's voice, “It's absolutely musically true. A lot of young singers have beautiful voices but they have to be guided into that sort of clarity. She has it naturally. ”
Hayley has broken new artistic ground in her choice of songs for “Pure”, her first international CD release. Hayley sees herself as primarily a classical performer, but she does not wish to put herself into a stylistic corner, and on “Pure” she explores the worlds of pop, traditional Maori choral singing, and gives a new freshness to well-known classical repertoire. The album's producer Giles Martin enrolled a number of people to help Hayley achieve this, including his father, legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin, all of whom contributed in achieving the album's unique appeal. Hayley is disbelieving that she worked with someone of his stature.
“I'd like to write my own songs in the future”, says Hayley. “But for now, I'm looking forward to performing around the world and experiencing singing in front of different audiences. That will be cool!!”
If I could be anyone in the world, I'd actually choose to be me, where I am right now, because I'm so excited about what I'm doing and I'm loving it totally. It's incredible; the opportunities I've been given. I really didn't expect this to happen”, she says with wide-eyed wonder. “It is amazing how one thing leads to another.”

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