Mika Agematsu

Her brilliant technique and sound quality attract many.

Born in Shinshu, Japan, Mika started playing arpa at the age of 12 under the instruction of her mother, who is also a professional arpista. In her late teenage years, Mika made several trips to Paraguay to study under famous arpa professionals. It was during this time that Mika polished her arpa skills.
In 1998, she performed at the biggest music festival in Paraguay, “Festival De Tacuare” and was the first ever Japanese performer to have participated in the event. For her notable contribution, she received a special award. In 1999, Mika won 1st prize at the 2nd Japan All National Arpa Competition. Also in the same year, she received the title “Maestro of Arpa” at the 5th Funjo Musical, which was hosted by the Veracruz Art University in Mexico.
Mika made her major debut soon after, with the release of her debut album “Inocencia” from King Records. Since her debut, she has increasingly appeared on various media outlets, such as television, radio, magazines and newspapers all over Japan. Moreover, she has performed many concerts in Paraguay and Mexico. At times, she appears on local television and radio programs in those countries as well.
As her popularity rose, Mika’s concert numbers in Japan gradually increased. Eventually, she performed over 200 concerts in the year 2002 alone! Between the years of 1999 _ 2002, she has released 6 albums and 1 live DVD.
However in 2003, Mika decided to take a recess in her professional career. She traveled abroad to get a broader perspective regarding herself and her music. Eventually, she began composing her own songs and taught arpa to a few students. In July of 2004, Mika resumed her music career by signing a deal with Universal Music Japan and by also setting up her own management office.
Her albums have not only been limited to traditional Latin American music, but Mika has challenged many different fields such as cinema music. She continues to seek her own individual style and sound and her brilliant techniques which shine through her arpa attract many.

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