Yuri Simonov

Yuri Simonov constantly seeks the potentially of music.
He is the world-class influential figure of Russian music scene.
His superbly prominent technique produces delicate and dynamic style, which gives totally new life to even well-known tunes.

Yuri Simonov was born in Saratov in 1941 and studied under Yuri Kramanov at the Leningrad Conservatoire. He received lessons as a conductor from his youth, and since 1962, he had learnt from Rabinovich and took two master degrees of conduct and violin.
In 1968, he won the 4th Santa Cecilia Conductors' Competition in Rome as his first prize for the first time as a Russian; and the following year, he won the 2nd All Union Conductor's Competition. He made his debut as a conductor at the Bolshoi Opera in 1969; and in 1970, he was immediately appointed the youngest Chief Conductor of the Bolshoi Opera orchestra. For the following 15 years, the Bolshoi Opera Orchestra led by Yuri Simonov received applause at every place they went including Europe, the USA, and Japan. TVs and newspapers praised in chorus the perfect performance and the distinctive colorful melody of the orchestra.
Yuri Simonov founded the Bolshoi Theater Chamber Orchestra in 1979. His tour in Britain in 1982 was a great success, and he received an established reputation. Financial Times applauded that Yuri Simonov is certified as the perfect apprehensive person of Tchaikovsky. In 1988, became a music producer and the Chief Conductor of the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. In the same year, he was honored by awarding a title of Russian People's Distinguished Artist.

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