The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra

The world renown conductors and distinguished soloists have performed with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra at the filled up over 50 halls in the world with enormous enthusiasm.

Founded in 1951 and renamed in 1953, the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra.
as it was acclaimed by an American critic as "the orchestra, which can be comparable to the world prominent orchestras, with its unique sounds, talents and experiences,"
The Orchestra has displayed its striking power and career history.
So far the Orchestra's Principal Conductors and Music Directors have included such maestros as Samuel Samosud, Natan Rankrin, and Kiril Kondrashin. Many of the world outstanding conductors have enhanced the valued history of the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra as guest conductors. Among the renown soloists have performed with the Orchestra are not only beloved Maestros over time such as Issac Stern, Iehudi Menuhin, Arthur Rubinstein, Glenn Gould and Mauricio Pollini, but also budding musicians of the new generation.
The Orchestra's prestigious performing venues include the Carnegie Hall, the Royal Hall, Vienna Musikverein, the Karajan Festival Hall, the Colon Theatre in Buenos Aires. Their performances have been received with enormous enthusiasm in more than 50 countries around the world including Japan, South Korea, and Canada.
They have been invited by famous international music festivals around Europe including Austria, France, Germany, and Portugal. The Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra has made over 300 recordings, many of which have been honored with the foremost prestigious prizes.
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