Bochumer Symphoniker

The orchestra led by General Music Director, Steven Sloane, of wide reputation with its vast repertory and innovative thematically-oriented programs.

In 1919, the "Städtisches Orchester Bochum" had its first public appearance. Under several General Music Directors and with avant-garde programmes, the Orchestra developed a wide reputation. Composers such as Paul Hindemith, Ernst Krenek and Erwin Schulhoff performed their own works with the Bochum Orchestra. In the 1970s the Orchestra was enlarged and renamed Bochumer Symphoniker - the Bochum Symphony Orchestra.
In 1994, the Israeli-American conductor Steven Sloane became General Music Director of the Bochumer Symphoniker. With him, the Orchestra has extended its repertory through innovative, thematically-orientated projects. The Bochumer Symphoniker also has received numerous invitations for guest and festival performances at home and abroad, performing for example in Israel in 1995 and in the United States in 1997.
Steven Sloane’s innovative programmes as well as his committed and enthusiastic way of working with the Orchestra manifested themselves in the doubling of their audience, with four times the subscriptions. But not only audience and press have been enthusiastic about the unusual concert programmes: In 2004 - 2005 the Bochumer Symphoniker under Steven Sloane were given the annual award for the best concert programme the second time after 1996 - 1997, donated by the German Association of Music Editors.
Beside that, in 2004 -2005 the Orchestra was honored with a Grammy-Nomination for the Recording of Joseph Marx "Orchesterlieder" with Angela Maria Blasi (Soprano) and Stella Doufexis (Mezzo-Soprano).
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