Tomomi Nishimoto with the National Symphony Orchestra of Belarus Piano: Alexander Lubyantsev

Maestra Tomomi Nishimoto and the soloist Alexander Lubyantsev held a rehearsal for concertos the day before the opening of the tour. They exchanged ideas and the meaning of the notes hidden in the scores.

On April 7th, the first concert of the tour began at the Aichi Prefectural Art Theater, Nagoya. On this day, Programme A was performed; Rimsky=Korsakov: Capriccio espagnol, Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No.1, and Brahms: Symphony No.1.

After the Nagoya concert, the orchestra of 81 members all got on a Shinkansen going to Tokyo. A lot of them were excited to take the Shinkansen for the first time.

A photo of the orchestra, practicing outside the stage door before the performance at Yokohama Minatomirai Hall. Programme B was performed on this day; Rimsky=Korsakov: Capriccio espagnol, Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.3, Prokofiev: Symphony No.1, “Classical”, and Stravinsky’s rarely performed piece, “Firebird Suite.”

A photo from the orchestra’s catering area. Each member wrote their names on the cup to reuse, some of them drew their instruments instead of writing their names.

After performing his own pieces “Ring Dance” and “Tarantella” as encores, Lubyantsev held a signing session for his debut Album “My Favorites”. Audiences asked about these “First-Time-Heard” songs, and formed a long line. Missed the chance to buy the CD? You can get it online!

During the tour, oftentimes the orchestra traveled from one place to another by bus. Watching beautiful landscapes passing by from the window, they were shooting photographs for their memory of the adventures in Japan!

On the way to Oita from Kumamoto, we stopped at a souvenir shop. Some of the members enjoyed shopping and buying souvenirs for their family members in Belarus.

Alexander Lubyantsev enjoying Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) at his favorite restaurant “Gyukaku” Some of his favorite places include Saizeriya (Italian restaurant), Yoshinoya, and Sekai no Yamachan. He loved especially Sekai no Yamachan’s chicken wings.

On the day of the Miyazaki Concert, there was a storm and we were worried whether the flight to Nagoya would actually take off…luckily we arrived in Nagoya safely.

This beautiful Japanese picture was drawn on one of the violinists’ instrument case as she had her birthday during the tour. The words on the top say “Japan” and “Belarus”.

For the Tokyo Opera City and the Suntory Hall Concert, Lubyantsev performed with his favorite piano brand Fazioli. Easy to control and allowing wide variety of musical expressions, Fazioli is often favored by pianists who make delicate sounds. The first prize winner of the XIV International Tchaikovsky Competition, Daniil Trifonov also likes the Fazioli piano.

At Suntory Hall, during the rehearsal of the last day of the tour, the musicians were in their costumes to take pictures with Maestra Tomomi Nishimoto. As the tour proceeded, the bonds between the Orchestra and the Maestro got stronger.

The audience gave the artists a big applause for the wonderful performance.

On the final day of the tour, Maestra Nishimoto was with a smile throughout the day. The photo of Maestra walking off stage at the Suntory Hall.

Lubyantsev has great respect towards Maestra, and said that “Maestra shared her interpretations of the concertos, which gave me new ideas and also changed the way I approach the music.” After receiving advices from Maestra, Lubyantsev’s performance evolved and progressed every time at each concert, which amazed Maestra.

The last day of the tour, all orchestra members signed on this tour poster for Maestra.

At the Suntory Hall. All the musicians shook hands with Maestra and said goodbye. Some of the orchestra members wept with emotion.

The orchestra leaving from Narita for Minsk, Belarus. The tour ended with a huge success thanks to Maestra, Lubyantsev, the orchestra and the audience. We would like to say thank you to all, and we hope everyone enjoyed the National Symphony Orchestra of Belarus Tour 2012. We would like you to look forward to our next tour as well!


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