Tomotaka Okamoto

Tomotaka Okamoto, who is one of the only three existing Sopranista in the world and has the voice of Angel, descending from heaven!

Tomotaka Okamoto was born in Sukumo city, Kochi prefecture in 1976.
While a student in Kunitachi College of Music, he won prizes in several music competitions. He was appointed as a soprano soloist and made a impressive debut at the recital called "Revive the Ninth Symphony!", which celebrated the 80th anniversary of the premiere performance of the Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.
After graduating from the college, he entered the Paris Poulenc Conservatoire. He graduated with top honors unanimously.
With clever splendid virtuosity and rich musicality, his irresistible singing voice is greatly acclaimed in the world and his concerts have always impressed the full-housed audience. He actively challenged solo concerts with various categories of arts and held amusing concerts for primary and middle school students. With his character full of humor and his myriad challenges, he expands his activities to several media including a play, TV and radio appearances, and newspapers. His phenomenal singing voice with both a range of female soprano voice and a powerful voice of adult male transcend gender, and he has the prospective future as the one and only Sopranista in Japan.

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